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Government Commits to Uplifting Late Porter’s Family and Empowering Porters Through New Initiatives

SportsGovernment Commits to Uplifting Late Porter's Family and Empowering Porters Through New Initiatives
By: Muhammad Faheem Anwar

ISLAMABAD: In a heartfelt display of compassion and solidarity, State Minister for Tourism, Wasi Shah has pledged the government’s unwavering commitment to assist the family of the late Muhammad Hassan. Muhammad Hassan, a brave porter from Skardu who tragically lost his life while ascending the world’s second-largest mountain, K2, will be remembered and honored through these initiatives.

State Minister Wasi Shah, in the company of Assistant Commissioner Shigar, Mr. Hamza, met with the grieving family of Muhammad Hassan. During this poignant encounter, Minister Wasi Shah conveyed the government’s deepest condolences and assured the family of Muhammad Hassan that they would receive the necessary support and assistance during these challenging times.

Moreover, State Minister Wasi Shah announced a groundbreaking development aimed at supporting individuals like Muhammad Hassan. He unveiled plans to implement formal measures for the welfare and training of porters, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the mountaineering industry. The government is actively working to establish a dedicated training center with a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance the skills and safety of porters.

Minister Wasi Shah added that the training center would be inaugurated in honor of Muhammad Hassan, a poignant tribute to his memory.

The family of Muhammad Hassan, alongside local dignitaries and journalists who attended the meeting, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to State Minister Wasi Shah for his steadfast commitment and tangible actions to improve the welfare of porters and their families. They noted that this visit marked a historic moment, as it was the first instance of a federal government representative extending empathy and support to their community.

State Minister for Tourism, Wasi Shah emphasized that the Government of Pakistan stands united in solidarity with the family of Muhammad Hassan. They aim to honor the memory of a true hero by ensuring that his legacy endures through the support and opportunities provided to his loved ones.

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