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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

By: Muhammad Ali

The Fault in Our Stars, a novel written by John Green a famous American author of adult fiction. In this novel, he depicts the story of a young 16-year-old girl named Hazel Grace. She is a cancer survivor having thyroid cancer and meets and fall in love with a 17-year-old boy who was also suffering from cancer known as Osteosarcoma (a type of cancer in his leg). The story mainly revolves around these two characters how they fight their battles with cancer, and how their love story got prevailed.

Title Page of The Book ‘The Fault in our Stars’

Hazel Grace was 13 years old, when she was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer, eventually it affected her lungs badly. She uses to wear cannula in her nostrils and carry with her an Oxygen tank mounted in a cart which helps her to breathe. She was living a misfortunate and uncertain life with her parents at Indiana an American State. Most of the time, she used to watch TV shows, read books especially her favourite book An Imperial Affliction written by Peter Van Houten. She was depressed from her life, taking medicines all day, doctors’ appointments, etc. Her doctor advised her mother to let her go to Support Group where survivors of cancer usually meet and discuss how they are doing and share their thoughts. So, she reluctantly went there.

In Support Group she met this handsome, smart, and energetic guy Augustus Waters. From the very first day, Augustus liked Hazel but the love got mutual after some meetings when they both were inspired by one-another thoughts. They watch movies together, share poetries, and read one-another favourite books. Hazel asked Augustus to read her favourite book, which was about a girl named Anna surviving cancer, but this book ends in the middle, or simply when Anna dies the book ends. Hazel finds this thing intimidating she writes several letters to the author to get the answers about what happened to different characters after Anna’s death but the author didn’t reply.

Augustus offered her to fly with him to meet the author at Amsterdam, she agreed. But her doctors didn’t allow her to go, finally, she was allowed to go but also take her mother with her for this trip. They three flew to Amsterdam where they met with the author of the book, had dinners, and went to sight-seeing places. It was Amsterdam where there love got blossomed. Hazel once said to Augustus:”You gave me forever within numbered days”.

After their trip, one day Augustus felt very sick, as cancer spreaded in different parts of the body. He was admitted in the hospital after his return he got wheelchaired, Augustus was quite sure that their little-infinity -a love story- is about to end, as he was dying but Hazel always encouraged him that he is all fine, he has just got a touch of cancer. One day Augustus died leaving infinite memories. In the last few chapters of book, the author has described the life of Hazel, after his lover died. She uses to miss him alot, but she didn’t give up, fighting her battle with cancer.

“The world is not a wish granting factory”  -John Green

John Green in this book has taught us how short and positive a love can be and a single person can change someone’s entire life. You won’t get everything you want, but don’t get discouraged and disheartened. He has shown us the life of a cancer survivor or in general someone having lifetime illness and how it is difficult for them. If we are having all our limbs fine than we should be thankful to Allah. We should start doing the things that are for the greater good.

I would recommend this book for youngsters especially, this novel is full of emotions and adventures it makes you laugh and cry. The way the author has sketched the scenes is amazing, as you are watching everything with your eyes. There are many words related to the medical field but nonetheless, it was simple and easy to read and understand. Also, this novel has a great touch of poetry and shows us how poetries and books can affect our lives.

The writer is a blogger and student of NED University of Engineering and Technology. He can be reached at [email protected].

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