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Ghanaian NGO HRRG Receives Top UN Global Entreps Award for Advocacy Excellence

InternationalGhanaian NGO HRRG Receives Top UN Global Entreps Award for Advocacy Excellence
By: Asim Nawaz

GHANA: In a momentous achievement, Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), a dynamic media and human rights advocacy non-governmental organization from Ghana, has been announced as the winner of the 5th UN Global Entreps Awards. The prestigious accolade was conferred upon HRRG for its impactful Nationwide Sensitization Campaign on Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy, and Tramadol/Drug Abuse (‘KTT Project’), recognized as the ‘Best International Practice Award on Sustainability’.

The esteemed award, supported by the Secretary-General of Entreps-International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, Raquel Torres, along with the endorsement of the 1,000 Global Jurors of Entreps in partnership with the UN75, highlights HRRG’s exceptional efforts in promoting human rights and fostering societal safety.

The KTT Project, initiated by the visionary founder and executive director of HRRG, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, addresses critical issues such as kidnapping, teenage pregnancies, and drug abuse while also fostering education on human rights to create a positive cultural change.

Among 1,912 projects and enterprises from 126 countries vying for recognition as exemplary implementers of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, HRRG’s initiative stood out and was shortlisted for the final round of the prestigious Global Entreps Awards. The recognition is a testament to the organization’s unwavering dedication to making a difference in society.

Since its launch in July 2019, the KTT Project has reached over 60,000 beneficiaries, particularly schoolchildren, parents, and youth groups in various Ghanaian communities and religious settings. The positive feedback received within a year of the campaign’s implementation demonstrated its success in saving lives and contributing significantly to the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor expressed his gratitude for the honor and emphasized that the award acknowledges HRRG’s significant strides in advancing human rights and combating international crimes. He sees it as a testimony to the hard work of the dedicated team at HRRG and believes that this accolade will inspire them to continue their benevolent endeavors.

The Chairman of Entreps, Joaquin Boston, was enthusiastic about the success of the KTT Project and applauded HRRG’s fine results. Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond, the KTT Project Coordinator at HRRG, also expressed pride in the project’s accomplishments and acknowledged the recognition and support received from the Global Entreps Awards.

The UN Global Entreps Awards honor outstanding initiatives, policies, institutions, start-ups, and entities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. HRRG’s dedication to promoting human rights awareness and protection resonates perfectly with these goals, positioning Ghana as a global leader in sustainable practices.

The recognition from the Global Entreps Awards marks a significant milestone for HRRG and Ghana as it demonstrates international support for their efforts in achieving sustainable change. This recognition is expected to inspire more stakeholders and governments to invest in preventive strategies and social initiatives to safeguard human rights and create a safer and more progressive society.

The 5th edition of the Global Entreps Awards, launched in partnership with the United Nations to celebrate its 75th Anniversary, showcases the organization’s commitment to sustainability and good governance. HRRG’s remarkable achievement stands as a shining example of the positive impact NGOs can make on society and encourages others to follow suit in creating a better world for all.

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