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Groundbreaking NEUROCLE Project by NUST Graduate Maryam Abbas Wins Esteemed Muse Design Award

EducationGroundbreaking NEUROCLE Project by NUST Graduate Maryam Abbas Wins Esteemed Muse Design Award
By: Ahsan Yameen

ISLAMABAD: Maryam Abbas, an outstanding Industrial Design graduate from NUST School of Art Design and Architecture (SADA), has made history by being awarded the prestigious Muse Design Award for her groundbreaking thesis project, NEUROCLE. This achievement marks the first time a Pakistani student has received such an honor, representing a significant milestone in both her career and the realm of design in Pakistan.

The Muse Design Award, organized by the International Awards Associates (IAA), is a highly respected international competition that recognizes exceptional achievements in design across various disciplines. Among a pool of innovative creations, Maryam’s NEUROCLE stood out for its profound impact in the domain of therapy assistive toys.

NEUROCLE is an ingenious therapy assistive toy designed to support children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. The project garnered recognition for its remarkable contributions in improving posture, grip strength, muscle development, and motor skills in these young individuals, allowing them to lead more fulfilling lives.

Maryam Abbas’s dedication to addressing the pressing needs of children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy has earned her the Silver Winner title in this prestigious competition. Her visionary creation aims to empower children with the necessary tools to thrive and grow, revolutionizing the field of therapy assistive toys.

The International Muse Design Award celebrates excellence in design on a global scale, and Maryam’s exceptional achievement showcases her as a true visionary in the field of industrial design. Join us in celebrating her groundbreaking contribution, which is set to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of countless children worldwide.

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