I’m a Friend – ode to friendship

By: Amb. Salahuddin Choudhry

Fun                  funfare in tandem is all what friends dare

Reliability        rely one can a true friend all the way

Interest          interested he is in joy and fear

Energy            energize to trust myself hold to sway

Nurturing        nurturing if in pain all day and night

Distance          distance matters not still when far away

Secrets           secrets we share feelings we do not hide

Happiness       happy all moments together we stay

Inseparable    inseparable through good and bad times

Perfect            perfect our friendship at times may not be

I…..                 indeed a fulcrum of love ties and vibes

S….                 such as donne means compass needle to see

U….                 unique our relations proud we do feel

S….                 symmetry in friendliness that we seal.

The writer is a former senior member of Pakistan Diplomatic Service, he can be reached at [email protected]