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Noble cause and petty cash

EditorialsNoble cause and petty cash

Picturesque Kashmir is now a valley under a horrible siege. The place where producers preferred to cinematize box office romantic movies is now fast becoming itself a scene of a horror movie in reality.   

It reminds of a picture, worth a thousand words, caught when a buzzard was about to pounce at the famine hit child in Sudan. Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism in 1993 but a lethal comment threw him into guilt that eventually led to suicide prize winning journalist. “There are two buzzards, one in the picture and the one taking it,” was the comment that did not spare Carter as well.

Government of Pakistan made a point globally by issuing a new map of Kashmir highlighting the Indian atrocities.

All these efforts spearheaded by Prime Minister Imran Khan at times give a very comical picture.

As they say seeing is believing, the panaflex on Kashmir Highway now named Sri Nagar Highway has many a slogans that are poorly constructed and has many a mistakes in the text.

This scribe doesn’t claim to be an Englishman but hopes that whoever is responsible for making these slogans and charging money from government of Pakistan will put some quality in it.

The hoardings are placed on miles and miles and they have plenty of mistakes and once such mistake is taken as evidence which tells it all.

A hoarding in Islamabad with mistake

A number of queries arise as who award these contracts and who ensure quality control, has the money been paid to these people who have put these panaflex for miles. If money than how much it has cost the national exchequer.

Will the mistakes in the panaflex will be taken in to consideration and for each mistake will there be money deducted.

It is believed and presumed that money was up for grabs and people for making a quick buck jumped the board and the result we see on the ‘Sri Nagar Highway’ for miles and miles.

This scribe earnestly believes that on such a big occasion these petty money making stunts from ‘so called fixers’ leave a very bad taste.

The ‘fixers’ somehow always get a clean slate and shift the blame on others and this time it is the Imran Khan led government whose face gets smeared with incompetency and haste-fully made campaign.

The world don’t miss much and these panaflex form a record which shows Pakistan government was making a great case but incompetent and greedy officials in haste were ruining the case.

This scribe hopes all the mistakes spread over miles and miles of ‘Sri Nagar’ Highway will be deducted from the ‘fixers’ and national exchequer made from poor commoner tax will not take the toll.

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