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Planning for unforeseen without planning

EditorialsPlanning for unforeseen without planning

Word on the street about the virus is that is unforeseen and it can happen to anyone just boost your immunity with ‘home based’ garlic and ginger and take extra care if some one coughs around.

When there is no medicine for virus why the products like masks and sanitizers brands are pushed to people, where billions end up in select few billionaires pockets who reap profits on public fear.

Why the simple immune boosters are ignored which can save more people, why the efforts are not targeted in that direction. Is there a sinister plot which aims to create further fear so that people leave the obvious and run for illusion.

Simple precautions can make life easy but billions are spent on advertisement without a second thought. These billions of rupees can save many a millions lives if they are invested with right planning and stately wisdom.

Sadly Pakistan after the great Quaid-i-Azam went infertile and all the low grade leaders used their tenure in power for their personal gains. These words are harsh but every leader after Quaid has a story that can put even a devil to shame.

The truth comes out as ‘great leaders’ go six feet under but leave a trail of their ‘wrong doings’. Their actions and consequences are discussed and dissected and everything comes to light.

The motive and kickbacks all are revealed and the people of Pakistan who sadly have little to nothing rights of living in ‘land of pure’ are left flabbergasted.

The Coronavirus played a devastating role and global elites in places of absolute power were able to have their ‘say’ imposed on the poor and it is their actions that have resulted in masses protesting world over.

Pakistan not far behind in pursuit with global protocols with Prime Minister Imran Khan steering the government has announced another ‘imposing smart lockdown’ a few days before Eid.

The result and reaction is obvious the traders who have these ‘golden days’ sell their products at rip off prices and consumer also saves money for celebrating the day. The government in order to curtail both the trader and the consumer imposed the lockdown which resulted in resentment.

Pakistan at present is showing the pandemic in a downward curve and the policy makers are afraid the people may act ‘stupid’ and pandemic will take a spike. The fear of contracting the disease has made people act in strange manner.

The poor on the other hand apart from ‘restriction to earn’ has his day with the same old stuff added with SMS ‘Save My Soul’.

Life goes on as it is with news that make people scoff at the rulers and at tea stalls and kiosks, the discussions are NAB is doing nothing and there is no money recovered from the ‘chors’ (thieves). The court takes a century to finish the case and often the killers are given relief and they get their bails and are never to be found.

The public laugh their hearts out at the government and its appointed stalwarts and four former Prime Ministers of Pakistan namely Yousaf Raza Gillani, Raja Pervez Ashraf, Nawaz Sharif  and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi become center of discussion at one stage or the other. All are accused of wrong doings and corruptions and have their role call in the courts.

The word is also out that when Prime Minister Imran Khan completes his term he will met with the same fate as with the other four PM’s are faced with. The logic and reason is given at the same time in the same breath.

The officials who are gathering the evidence against the ‘deposed and corrupted’ PM’s will also gather the same ‘stuff’ against the current incumbent one.

There is no change for the people, they still go out and die and this will continue to happen. The United Nation has placed Pakistan in the top list with people having Hepatitis and UN stats shows Pakistan has one tenth of world population that suffers from Hepatitis. There are 8 million Hepatitis C patients in Pakistan that is more than 10 per cent of total patients in the world and another four million is infected with Hepatitis B.

The government priority towards its ‘subjects’ depicts sorry and sad state of affairs. This can be curtailed and the only thing that can undo the damage and contain this deadly disease far more deadlier than Coronavirus is ‘clean drinking water’.

Clean drinking water a ‘luxury’ restricted only to select few. The court case not long ago looked in to the ‘water mafia’ that was stealing water. The water cost paid to government was mere pittance while the water companies reaped the profits in billions cashing on people fear added with campaign that pushed Hepatitus fear.

No efforts were made to address the root cause that was the drains which should have been repaired, cleaned and system devised which would curtail mixing of fecal water with the clean drinking water.

So many developmental programmes from United Nations were launched in Pakistan but not a single one finished on time and misappropriation on massive scales termed the ‘land of the pure’ as graveyard of developmental projects.

Currently the steet buzz is National Accountability Bureau has no powers it moves files only and delays the case. Court plans to ascertain responsibility of electrocution victims in Karachi which only stays a probe and K Electric has failed miserably to give electricity the compensation to ‘electrocuted ones’ comes way after.

The sugar and wheat mafia will never lower the prices and no money will be recovered.

The poor and the pauper forming more than half the population will continue to suffer as they are blessed with the ‘state’ that fails to bless the subjects even a clean glass of water.

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