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Youth in despair

EditorialsYouth in despair

The currents political rift between PDM parties and PTI has seriously plunged the country into the verge of a catastrophe. Our political elite has miserably failed doing something positive for the country and future generations. The question here arises that who really is on the damaging side, people who run PMLN, the answer is no, PTI certainly not, PPP, JUI(F), JI absolutely not. It is the youth of this country who has to see the real hardships in future.

Delving through social media, the educated youth of the country is observed forming a consensus on the inability of all the political parties to turn around the country. They have seen the priorities of politicians, bureaucrats and judiciary and no body has tried to build the country except for doing some cosmetic things. So, the time has come that youth and educated class come out of their comfort zone and fight for the survival of this country.

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