Ode to Mother

The writer is a former diplomat
By: Amb. Salahuddin Choudhry

Ode to Mother

O         o’ my mom I’m here my head on your lap

D         dearest thou art irreplaceable and matchless

E          eternal is thy love for us all to wrap

T          that’s why comfort and safe we feel no less

O         on every stance thee take challenge boldly

O         on every stance thee take challenge boldly

O         overtly affectionate yet disciplining

U         us in meeting formidable goals really

R         right to be responsible in dealing

M        mom my life forever relentless and sure

O         over guidance and rules we the children

T          tie our lives to see all apathies do cure

H         heavenly we see her to perfection

E          every mom a human every child to see

R         rare in success every mom wants us to be.


Sparkles in her eyes.

Roses on her cheeks.
Thoughts of days gone by.
Promises of days to come.
Love from family and friends.
These are what we wish for you
Now & Forever.


Without you I am nothing.

You are the most beautiful gift of God.

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(Salahuddin’s Children for All)

The writer is a Rotarian and a retired diplomat.