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“Unlocking the Genius with Oh My Genius Entrepreneurial Bootcamp” For Early Risers by CMACED

To develop leadership and advocacy skills in the youngsters, CMACED (Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development) has taken an initiative by the very vibrant units Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) and Oh My genius Program that focuses on empowering entrepreneurial mindset in young bloomers to bring entrepreneurial revolution in Pakistan at a grass-root level.

This time, Al Khidmat Foundation has extended their kind support by providing a platform of Aghosh Homes Murree for the entrepreneurial trainings of young kids. It is a 5-day certified bootcamp from 9th to 13th of November in which qualified trainers will engage the participant kids through various learning and entertaining activities on campus and off campus to improve their psychological capabilities towards an entrepreneurial mindset. The kids will get to work on cool projects, hands-on activities, engage in fun, and developing real-world products. The Bootcamp will contain both non-tech and tech-based activities. This will make them able to think out of the box and to be ready to take steps towards their future aim.

This program is focusing on the current problems that the young kids are facing in their academics and personal lives because of low self-esteem among students, lack of academic platforms that encourage students to become a future leader, lack of skill-based teaching, lack of creative skills, and absence of career counseling in their schools. To overcome these challenges, Oh My Genius will introduce an entrepreneurial mindset at the grass-root level; to foster independent and positive thinking among the students. That will help them to identify opportunities and inculcating strong belief in themselves and their abilities. Because to the date, little attention has been paid to kids in such entrepreneurial initiatives.

Pakistan is our country and the youth is our asset. This, statement is going to happen when we will train the youth to become a problem solver instead of complaining about the circumstances around them. Social entrepreneurship program of CMACED always believes in a bringing positive change in society by enhancing civic ethics among youth. With the support of SEP, OMG boot camp is going to happen with a wide range of activities in which they learn about networking, team building, idea development, business modeling, and idea pitching.

This time respect to society and respect to the nation is going to be delivered in Aghosh Homes Murree for bringing up a mindset of job creation than job seeking. To build a socially and economically strong nation, we need to buckle up ourselves and train every segment of society to enable the bright minded Pakistani Kids

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