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Identifying Youth Needs

EditorialsIdentifying Youth Needs

Youth population of Pakistan is around 64% of the total population, it means out of every five persons three Pakistanis are youth. That’s really great for the country. However that is not the full picture, instead of having great proportion of young population country is unable to get any benefit from it. Currently Pakistani youth is facing some serious issues, and if these issues are not properly addressed then such a valuable resource will become a burden for the country instead of having Allah’s blessing. The main and foremost problem for Pakistani youth is the prevalent education system of the country. Currently there is no single education standard. There are multiple education standards; one operating as government institutes, another English medium, facilitating the children of upper class families and yet another in shape of madrasas.

Government has very rightly decided to conduct a national survey on youth, that will unveil the needs of the young people according to their areas (Districts and Tehsils).

The initiative will tell the government that Young population needs to be utilized keeping in mind the national goals and policies of Pakistan and also what exactly are the demands of the youth. Human Resource Management needs to be applied prudently. Misguided, direction less young population can worsen the situation and further deteriorate the problematic situation of the country. These young minds of Pakistan are a reservoir of energy, talent and capabilities; if regulated properly they can assist development of the country.

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